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There are some blogs I have been reading for a very long time and some I am only recently obsessed with and I thought I might share with you some of my favourites.

I want to start off with a (mostly video) blog by a ALoveTart. I discovered her blog by chance while watching something on youtube. I saw her tutorial video of  how to create a perfect salon manicure (or even a better one), and I was just fascinated by her manicure, how polished and perfect it looked. Thanks to her I even started using colors I would never have even considered before… like yellow or green (my friends are still mortified though :)). She also does make-up tutorials and haul videos. They are all fun to watch plus you get the scoop on things you may not be able to buy in your own country and ordering online without first seeing it in person is kinda tricky. Also, some of my friends asked me about the BB cream craze and since only Garnier’s version is available over here, have a look at her Garnier BB cream review. Happy viewing! PS: I always end up wanting every nail polish or eye shadow she wears as everything looks so amazing on her!

Then there are a few blogs that I just check regularly:

The first one of them is Modesty Brown. She mostly shows brands that I can’t get here and her perfectly clear pictures make online ordering easy. She has very thorough reviews and I like her FOTDs (face of the day) posts. She was the one who first  got me interested in Pai skincare. If you’re looking for a nude lipstick check this post.

If you like boutique brands or brands that are simply not mass market, you don’t (like I do) go for every fresh and juicy perfume that gets created by the thousands every year, and want something unique and if you prefer natural skincare and make-up you may want to have a look at London MakeUp Girl. Her favorite labels include Suqqu for make-up, House of Gloi for bath&body care and also for their scents, and Jo Malone for perfume. If you have never heard of these brands or want to try something different than you can get in your neck of the woods, check her blog for sure.

When I’m looking for nail polish swatches of high end brands such as Dior or Chanel, the best place to check is The Beauty Look Book. She has fantastic pictures of almost every nail color from those two, and more.

For new collections coming out or novelty in the Asian world of beauty I like to got to MakeUp Stash or if I’m looking for a mix of high end and drugstore items I check A beauty junkie in London’s blog. The last blog I am going to mention now is Beauty Info Zone that is run by two bloggers that have experience with every known and unknown brand on this planet. You can see posts on brands like Sephora, Talika or, rather unknown to us, Le Metier De Beaute. If you can only buy one or  two items at a time and need a savvy advice, this is the place to check.

The last blog is not about make-up but about beauty nevertheless. I could never be bothered going through magazines and looking at contrived fashion pictures – I’m just not into that. But fashion observed and captured in the wild is something completely different. These people are real yet there is nothing average about their look. But beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and I love the way this beholder (blogger) sees beauty in the streets or in old photography: The Sartorialist.

Also, for those interested in kiddie fashion without making your child look like a mini model, check this out The (tiny) sartorialist. It’s cute, oh so cute!

Hope you find some new inspiration and enjoyed the read!


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