Garnier BB Cream: just a few thoughts


I know the BB craze is in a full swing so I am rather late to the party yet some of my friends have other hobbies apart from being obsessed with beauty products and they may still appreciate a few thoughts on this particular product.

As most of you know this is Garnier’s version of Asian BB creams. BB cream originally means either Beauty Balm  or Blemish Balm (that is targeted more for young and problematic skin). It’s a moisturizer, tint, sun protection (usually 30-50 spf)  with whitener (in Asian products) or illuminator and antioxidants in one package to create “your skin but better” finish.

The Garnier BB cream comes (at least here, in Europe) in two shades, light and light/medium. I chose the light one and you may be surprised that the actual potion in this shade looks quite dark, don’t worry, it melts in. I’m usually MAC Nc20 or 1,5 and this light shade is a good match for me. It feels smooth when applied on, not heavy in silicones and settles into satin finish with a subtle glow. So far I like it. When used alone it lasts 6 or so hours and then it disappears. I like to use it with a concealer and powder on top, MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, and that makes it last for almost the whole day. Just a word of warning: it doesn’t seem to like to be layered over any heavier base such as a natural oil or heavier spf as it tends to settle into pores and look rather uneven.

There is fragrance and while it’s a pretty citrusy fresh scent it may not be suitable for fragrancephobes ;). Though once applied on your face it vanishes in a second.

Obviously it won’t cover any major imperfection. The sides of my face have many red marks and that doesn’t get covered. But it creates an even look with a subtle glow making it perfect for days when you’re lazy, in a hurry, are on vacations where you don’t want to apply foundation every morning, if you are not fond of wearing foundation or if you’re lucky enough to have a (near)perfect skin.

It doesn’t seem to clog my pores, make me more oily and my skin had no issues with sensitivity.

So, do I have any pet peeve with Garnier’s BB cream? Yes… spf 15??? Really? In the day & age when lipsticks, hand creams and everything you look at including even shoe polish (well, probably…) has an spf  of 15 and the Asian BBs start at 30, Garnier cannot do better than 15? So I still have to put my spf 50 on before this one and that kind of defeats the whole purpose of using a BB cream in the first place. It would be perfect for summer when you can’t be bothered with foundation… or for vacations… but the UVA/UVB protection is just too low. So, Garnier, how about spf 30? It’s not too high for those who still want to tan and it’s not too low for those who prefer to shield themselves from sun.

I still like it but may actually have a look at the Asian market for a BB cream with a better sun protection for summer.

Do you use any BB cream? What is your favorite?


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  1. I’m waiting for a sample to come in my post, then I’d like to make a little comparison with some BBs by Skin79, Luview and SkinFood. And actually, I’m looking forward to this one as your review is the first one that is more positive than negative about Garnier.
    Well, I’m used to use only tinted creams (Nivea, Balea, Dermacol) so maybe I’ll be satisfied with Garnier rather than with Asian BBs as they seem to be more like classic foundation. We’ll see 🙂
    Let us know when you try some Asian BB cream. The eBay is full of them, and they’re quite cheap.

    • Hi Verunka! Is Garnier BB cream that unpopular? I will definitely keep you posted on the Asian BB cream I am going to try 🙂 thanks for your comment.

      • Well, in Czech Republic? It is, indeed, at least among the bloggers who experienced “the pure Asia” 🙂 Common people probably listen to the ads and settle for it gratefully…

          • I use BRTC, Innisfree and Holika Holika and when I compare them to Garnier /I tried only from one sample/ they have completely different consistency, longer staying power and their shades are lighter. Garnier I found it in many ways lacking.

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