Yes and no to Yes To Carrots


Yes to carrots (or cucumbers, tomatoes and blueberries) is a natural skin care line that uses ingredients from fruits and veggies to create a skin & body care that, as they say, won’t break the bank and is packed with vitamins for effective care. Contains no parabens, SLS, mineral oil etc. I got mine in my local Sephora.

Can you C me – Complete Makeup Remover

This is quite a thick white cream that smells slightly odd yet not unpleasant (I just can’t figure out the scent at all, I can smell “salt” if that makes any sense) that is to be applied all over your face, massaged and removed with water and muslin cloth. I prefer to use a separate eye make-up remover as I don’t like having mascara massaged all over my wet face. What I really like about this product is how easily it works. And how well it works. It removes all my makeup in one go. Easy peasy. I need 4-6 squirts of the cream, spread in my palms, apply onto my moist face, massage for 30 sec or so and wash it off using a muslin cloth. Makeup is gone, completely. I have to say that the vitamin C in it is rather potent. I cannot use this when my skin is winter-sensitive and reacts to pretty much even water. But for most of the year I get no reaction to it. My face is cleaned, no oily film left behind yet my face is not stripped of moisture either. The pump-up bottle is generous, 250ml/8.45 fl.oz. and may last you almost 6 months or more ( I had mine for over a year).

PS: don’t trust your Sephora SA when she says “oh, it’s just like usual makeup remover, put it on a cotton ball and remove the rest with a toner… aka I know nothing about the products we are selling, just guessing”. My skin ended up looking bright red. Then I read the instructions on the package.

Can you C me – Eye Contour Cream

Lets’ start on a positive note: I really wanted to like this cream. It feels buttery, has no perfume, packed with vitamin C and I love the amount you get – 30ml / 1 fl.oz which is unusual for an eye cream.

The bit I like slightly less: if you have some wrinkles and want some firming action you may like it as it really tightens the skin around your eyes, literally. And I don’t care for that feeling as I am constantly aware of that tightening sensation around the eyes.

Unfortunately the reason I cannot use it is probably the vitamin C. Every time I apply it I end up with very red raccoon eyes. And it takes a couple of hours to return back to normal. While it doesn’t burn or sting I still feel like I am irritating the sensitive area around my eyes. Maybe if you’re used to vitamin C eye creams and cope well with them, give this one a try.

What is your experience with Yes to Carrots products?


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  1. Thank you for following my blog, I see that you like to experiment with natural skin products as well, I have to give this product a try especially if it is not going to brake the bank as you said.

    Interesting name for skin product.

    Thank you for introducing me to this.

    Any idea where I can get besides looking on line? I am in the U.S.?

  2. Já mám vždy cukání koupit, ale na poslední chvíli si to obvykle rozmyslím. Právě ten cleanser mě hodně zaujal.

    Upřímě od klasické asistentky v Sephoře se toho moc čekat nedá, to už bývám víc informovaná než ona. Kolikrát se mi stalo, že mi do očií tvrdila, že něco nemají a já si to sama našla. Nemluvím o těch, které si školí jednotlivé firmy, ty většinou bývají super.

    • Ten cleanser je fakt skvelej a v nekterych Sephorach je slevneny na 250. Bohuzel, s tema asistentkama mas Day pravdu. Des bes. Ja jeste nesnasim ty kecy o omlazeni na molekularni urovni, priste to rovnou vyleci rakovinu 😉

      • Omlazení nestíhám, špatně se v něm orientuji, naposledy jsem tam byla tak dva roky zpět? Musím se podělit, posledně mě dostal do kolen sephorácký vizážista, který mi kdysi ukazoval na sobě /broznové líce/ korektor a tvrdil že je to odstín pro mě. No, potkala jsem ho minulý týden a uzemnil mě tvrzením, že je hlavní vizážista pro ČR. Pak už konverzace vázla :).

        • Promin, mozna jsem to blbe napsala, ja myslela, ze nesnasim ty kecy o kremech, ktere omlazuji na molekularni urovni, coz mi tvrdili o kremech Estee Lauder 😉 No ti panove s makeupem jsou nekdy hodne vtipny. U MACa jsem potkala 3, 2 byli v pohode, decentne namalovany, ale jednoho jsme se doslova lekla.

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