A small nail polish post: Gabriella Salvete no.156


Lately, I have been seriously nail polish obsessed. Seriously. Some of my friends laugh at me, some shake their heads in disbelief and my hubby (surprisingly) just smiles at me.

I am meaning to get a new camera that will actually be capable of capturing the shades, sparkles and variations of each nail laquer. In the meantime, please bear with me. These pictures were captured using my friend’s camera (thanks!) and while it’s still far from perfect, it’t much better than what my two cameras would have done.

This nail polish is by a Czech brand Gabriella Salvete and I have to admit, being a tiny bit of a make-up snob I have never paid any attention to this brand. It always looked so cheap and uninspiring to me. I’m not sure but I think they had a re-design some of their products recently. I discovered their nail polish range only thanks to two Czech talented bloggers Mina and the nail polish and Sonidlo. They have a plenty of Gabriella Salvete (GS) nail polish pictures and Sonidlo does a short English summary.

So a few days ago I got GS nail polish (or as they call it Enamel) in no.156. The color is absolutely beautiful. I’m terrible at color description but let me give it a try: medium toned taupe with the finest golden shimmer. You need three coats to achieve perfectly opaque finish. The varnish is of smooth liquid-enough formula, glides on perfectly (dare I say better than my last two OPI  acquisitions from the Holland collection?). The formula also contains nail hardener and lasts easily more than 4 days. There is nothing I can complain about. Oh, the color IS gorgeous…did I mention that? 😉 The price, now it gets even better, is 69Czk / aprox. $3. I think I need a few more of these!

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PS: The picture against the grey wall shows the true color of the polish yet there is no obvious shimmer, that’s why there is the second one even though it’s way too much orange-y.


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  2. I was on launch of their upcoming collection and they has new “kind of” nude polish 158 I really, really love. Enamels are best drugstore polishes :).

  3. I’m looking forward your new camera 😉
    But you’re absolutely right with all that you mentioned about GS. I fell in love with their polishes some time ago, the quality-price ratio is unbeatable and the colours… oh, they’re amazing. I’ve already got several pieces of them and unfortunately don’t have that much space on blog to show them all!
    Looking forward to next of your pieces, it’s hard to buy only a few of them, right? As all of them are beautiful…

    • I’m looking forward to the new camera as well! 🙂 I am still surprised at their quality and the price, which only means more shopping for me, yay 🙂

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