A few bits & pieces


This is no major haul rather “replacing essentials and getting a few perk-me-ups” kind of thing. Obviously I also belong into that category of women who buy themselves something small (or big) when they need a little pick me up, when in need of consolation, as a reward or a treat, also shopping can be a good way how not to kill your partner … actually, it’s rather hard to think of a situation when shopping is not an appropriate answer to any situation life throws at us (well, being completely broke or heading that way would probably qualify – which is not that difficult with above mentioned life philosophy). So I am really trying to not to spend much…which I manage…per shopping…but in the end I am worried I could have gotten one thing from my dream shopping list instead of the myriads of little bits I get in the meantime. One day I will get the hang of it…one can only hope ;).

Vichy Normaderm Deeply purifying gel

This was actually given to me from a friend. I never liked these anti-blemish gels as they always dried my skin and it felt like 3 sizes smaller afterwards. This one really surprised me, no itching, no drying and my problematic spots actually do look better. Smells nice too.

Garnier PureActiv 24 moisturizing gel

I don’t know how this is called on UK/US market, hope the picture helps. I needed something for my congested area along my jaw line and cheeks and while it is your typical alcohol based gel it doesn’t irritate my skin in the least. If it really works I will know after a few weeks.

Manufaktura: Grapefruit & Verbena shower gel and shampoo + hand cream

I got this today so I cannot say anything more than: this smells gorgeous! I was looking for some kind of “wake-me-up-in-the-morning” shower gel and this super fresh yet slightly sweet scent is perfect. And I really like the design. The scent of the hand cream reminds of Crabtree & Evelyn Citron hand cream. The Manufaktura scent is bit sharper and not as mellow as C&E but if you cannot splurge on C&E definitely try this one. It’s also slightly less nourishing but the difference is so small it doesn’t warrant the price difference in my opinion.

Dove Silk & Sleek shampoo & “onlygodknowswhat”

I needed a shampoo after my disaster with Matrix Total Results Moisture shampoo. Probably THE worst shampoo I ever had. I will rant about that one later. But I didn’t want to spend the money on Joico even though I knew I should. I got these in a drugstore as some people with dry frizzy hair seemed to like it. I tried it only once  and so far I do like it. I’m surprised. Though my problem is that at the beginning I like everything… well, apart from that Matrix. I’ll keep you posted.

Also you may wonder what   “onlygodknowswhat” actually is. Well, the clever heads at Unilever got a splendid idea of putting together a conditioner and a mask. Why, is beyond me. It’s not like a conditioner and a mask are all that different in the first place. Or am I missing something here? I used it as a conditioner and my hair felt very soft and smooth. The scent of both of these products is that very typical Dove scent: floral clean. I happen to like it a lot though for the perfume savvy gals  this may feel too ordinary.

Dove Purely pampering shower cream Almonds and hibiscus

Another “motivation” to get me out of bed in the morning since it smells nice. I like Dove shower creams in general. I wish they made a body lotion or cream in the Purely pampering scents as well.

Gabriella Salvete Enamel in 156 and 157

You can read about no.156 here and see pictures of 157 here. I haven’t tried no.157 hoping it will have all the great qualities of 156 as well.

O.P.I  Gouda gouda two shoes & Red lights ahead…where?

I’m in love with the Holland collection and I’m already plotting to buy at least three more colors from it. Gouda gouda two shoes is a color I would not usually go for. But…after seeing some pictures (like this one) and realizing there is the tiniest bronze-y  pink shimmer in it I caved in. And I’m so glad I did. This is my new go-to-color when I want something subtle, elegant but not boring.

On the other hand, Red lights ahead…where? falls exactly and perfectly into my favourite nail polish color category. I love cremes and brights and this is both, bright coral red creme. It’s perfect for me.

I have to admit I had some issues with the application. I haven’t had OPI for a while and got used to a different kind of brush and texture. I may slightly prefer Essie brush and on some of my finger nails I struggle with the wide OPI brush. The texture is also runnier that I am used to lately. It’s not that it’s bad but after being used to Essie where I need  like two three strokes and voila! it’ds done..I find I really have to concentrate in order not to paint my cuticles again.

I will try to upload some good pictures tomorrow as you have to see these two beauties on, the bottle and even the cute names do not give them justice.

Douglas Absolute Nails 145

This color was supposed to be my dupe for OPI Siberian nights but it’s not a deep blueberry as the OPI is but rather a deep purple/black with the tiniest purple shimmer, I haven’t tried it yet.


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  1. Ooo, I just ordered 3 of the Holland collection and I’m so excited to get them – different ones than you have, though! I’m looking forward to seeing your swatches of Gouda Gouda Two Shoes – I haven’t seen an unflattering picture of that colour yet! Hmm, maybe something to add to my wanted list? 🙂

    • No, I’m not crazy yet…wait when I get the rest of OPI Holland collection 😀 And I actually thought you would like the look of those two OPI laquers 🙂

  2. The Holland Collection by OPI is really amazing, isn’t it? I guess I’ll get some pieces sooner or later…
    And one more thing: I bought some body milk by Dove for my mummy for Christmas, just because it smelled good… but you know what? That milk is great! It’s quite thick, it moisturizes maybe better than Neutrogena’s milks meaning: my elbows are not dry anymore… so, I sure will buy some later for me! And Dove’s shower milks are great, too. 🙂

    • Yep, it is! I usually like one color but here I feel like I need almost all of them. I laso like Dove body lotions I just wish they came in these new scents.

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