Tools that make the difference


There are four tools I need and love using on daily basis. One is an essential, second  is great to have and the last two are  something I can obviously live without (it’s neither bread nor water) but I really really really don’t want to if I can help it.

Sephora pink tweezers are the essential tool. I have many shapes yet this slanted version is the one I reach for the most often. I have two of them, one in the stand with my brushes and the other one in the bathroom. It’s made of metal and provides  a good grip. There is nothing to really rave about but it’s a very dependable instrument.

The second tool that makes the difference is the famous MAC Stippling brush. I received it many years ago through a make-up gift exchange from a very generous fellow make-up junkie. This was 5-6 years ago and the brush is still like new. I was impressed that there was no shedding, it’s easily washed and dries up quickly, regaining it original shape again. There has been so much written about this brush that I will be brief. What I love about this brush is how versatile it is. You can use it with powder or liquid products. You can use it for stippling mineral powder into your face, for applying any foundation formula, for blush, bronzer or highlighter … I particularly like it for bronzers or blushes that are on the pigmented side and I need to be careful with them. I have also used if for applying mousse foundations and that works great as well.

MAC Stippling brush $34

Beauty blender (or the pink egg) was “The thing” a few years ago, everyone was raving about it and I couldn’t understand how some kind of a sponge that is just prettier than the others can add anything performance-wise to my make-up routine. I have tried many sponges, they usually sucked up a looooot of foundation and then the application wasn’t the flawless either. So how could this porous oddly shaped egg work? Well, I don’t actually know how..I just know that if I had to keep just ONE tool and throw all my brushes away and could keep the egg I would do just that. Because this little pink gem is a perfection in disguise. If I remember correctly I wasn’t in love at first sight. It worked well. No streaky application, it didn’t suck all my foundation in … but at the same time it wasn’t  a major wow factor either. That was because I had a wonderful foundation. I realized the difference the egg makes after I got a terrible one. One that sits on top of your pores making them actually bigger (if that’s possible) than they are. One that is splotchy, difficult to blend, one that is too powdery or too oily… name a foundation flaw and this blender can fix it. Well, apart from a wrong shade or longevity obviously.

The way you use it is also different. You dont stipple or even smear your foundation with it, you bounce it in a small and quick motions working in steps all over your face. I also prefer to use it when the egg is slightly damp but it’s not necessary.  With my last foundation, MAC Matchmaster, the MA used the stippling brush and while I liked the result well enough to buy it, I immediately knew I can make it work even better with the egg. Some mattifying foundations can settle in my pores thus making them more visible. This doesn’t happen with the egg. I also use it for cream blush, powder bronzer, corrector and mineral powder. I don’t understand how this egg is in its material and texture so much different from the other sponges but it’s simply wonderful. My one is pretty used but it’s as old as the MAC brush and should be replaced soon.

Beauty Blender $20

The last thing is Shiseido cleansing facial brush that I got from my then-boyfriend (now husband) almost 11 years ago! There used to be a large Shiseido boutique here in Prague and I needed a moisturizer. As you can imagine, I walked out from there with three items in my bag and wondering why the heck did I allow the SA lady to convince me to buy an super overpriced brush for cleaning my face. The brush was the most expensive item costing at that time about $60!! Crazy! Well, forward those 11 years and not only I still have it but I finally use it twice a day and see fantastic results.

I still suffer with,what I feel like is, millions of blackheads and occasional break-outs mostly along my jaw line. I don’t know why my jaw line and the sides of my cheeks were so congested. But I have lately changed two things and my skin is 80% better. I actually never had such a good skin. First thing I changed is that I stop drinking a copious amounts of milk with my coffee and drink soya milk instead. Some suggest that too much dairy products causes acne alongside the jawline and while I never gave too much credit to these rumors I was (for other reasons as well) willing to finally give up my milk. The other one is that I started using the brush instead of my regular scrub. The brush has super soft white bristles and  five rubber-like pink massaging “thingies” (I really don’t know how to call them). I add a dollop of my current facial cleanser onto the damp brush and in circular motions I go all over my face concentrating on the problematic areas. My skin is very soft, my pores are the smallest the have ever been and  there are no bumps and visible blackheads along my jawline and therefore no infected bits either. I’m so happy.

Shiseido brush: $25

These were my fave tools, what are yours?


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  1. The sponge caught my interest some time ago. I can´t imagine exactly how it works but everyone is just so excited about it that it MUST be wonderful. I´d definitely try it out if I´d only use foundation 🙂

  2. I spent the last week signing on and off amazon wondering if I should buy the pink egg or not. But now when I know you need one, we can buy the BB Duo package, what do you think? 🙂
    and btw your then-boyfriend must have been a very nice guy :))

    • You can buy it on as well with free shipping, though I don’t know whether the price is the same. Duo package sounds like an excellent idea, my dear! 😀
      You should meet that very nice guy one day 😉

  3. A good pair of tweezers is totally essential! I am intrigued by the beauty blender sponger (it’s so cute!) – and I feel like it would leave a way nicer finish than a brush would. I mostly just use my fingers out of laziness though, so I’m not sure I’d actually reach for it! 🙂

  4. Are you kidding me 5-6 years!!! I am looking for a brush now, and my tweezers I am not crazy about.

    I consider those all essentials, I don’t have the exact three, but I am helpless without my tweezers, brush, and beauty blender.

    You post are always very informative.

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