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Yesterday I went to Sephora, really didn’t want to buy anything as I was after the brow bar only and yet here I am with a new Sephora brush (for mineral powder 45) and Too Faced’s Shadow Insurance. The brush is heavenly soft, so far I obviously used it only once with my MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Natural and it gives the powder a better coverage, also it feels so soft (at least in comparison to my old brush). The Shadow insurance has not been tested yet, I got the Lemon drop formula  as they didn’t have the original version, will keep you posted. I asked for Nars Pure Radiant Tinted moisturizer spf 30 sample and got enough for two weeks, will keep you posted too. A bit off topic: I was impressed with the Sephora SA yesterday, she was friendly, really happy to help me and showed no sign of snottiness 😀

A few weeks ago I got Essence gel liner in 01 Midnight in Paris or if you want in black 😉 I had MAC gel liners and my fave are BB’s gel liners. The Essence is not as hard wearing as BB after and 8 hours or so it starts vanishing but for the price I don’t mind that much. The price is almost 10x less. The gel liner is smooth to use, very pigmented and if you don’t have eyelids as oily  as I do it should last you all day.

Oh, let’s not forget 🙂 if you read my fb page you know that I am planning a giveaway once I reach another thousand views as a thank you to those who find time to read my blog. That’s all folks.


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  1. Can you please tell me in which Sephora you were? ‘Cos I’m longing for the original Shadow Insurance and waiting for the discount – so I hoped this weekend during the ELLE Shopping Weekend would be my time…

    • Good thinking I was at Chodov and they had last three of the Lemon drop and many of the glitter version, none of the original or illuminating one though. I don’t see much difference between the lemon drop and original in terms of color. Maybe Palladium will have a better stock.

          • They have them all in Palladium, I think Candelight /shimmering white/ and lemon drops /shimmering yellow/ are more expensive about 500 CZK each.

            I have to say I was a little bit cofused with ukrainian cuisine before I realised there are adds :))).

            • I think I may complain to Sephora, they had 360 price tag next to the product and did in fact charge me 490, not a happy camper now. Ukrainian cuisine? How come I never see these exciting ads 😉

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