label.m curl cream


If I can avoid it I prefer not to use all the hot tools on my hair, it’s too much work, I hate getting hot and my naturally wavy/dry hair gets even more dry. I love warmer weather when I can let my hair air dry naturally. But I need styling help. I need some potions that combats the frizziness, dryness of my ends and gives my hair some shape & form. Last year I used and loved some curl foam from Wella Professional but of course they had to re-design the packaging and the product as well. And the new one is beyond useless. I have a very good (and a very handsome) hairdresser who carries label.m products. I never tried anything from this line mostly because of the price. I believe label.m is just another line from Tony & Guy but this one is natural based and hence the prices. The curl cream goes for £13 or 500Czk. I don’t like the price. Is it worth it then? Well, since it is the best thing since sliced bread…I think so 🙂

After I wash & condition my hair, I pump out about 3cm of the product out and gently work it into my hair, not spreading but working into while slightly crunching my hair as well. Then let it air dry and it creates the softest curls I ever had. No stickiness, no crunchiness and mainly no frizzies till I wash my hair again. My hair is full of soft bouncy curls or waves, with a lot of shine. It’s definitely conditioning yet I don’t think it makes my hair oilier or heavier.

The ONLY thing I would change is the scent. It’s an ok scent, slightly herby, luckily once you apply it onto your hair it dissipates. So it’s nothing major, just a personal preference.

And while the price is kinda up there, I suspect this 150ml bottle is going to last me 6 months of regular use, if not more.


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  1. I also use and love love this cream. I went to buy a can and was told they are no longer making it. I just e-mailed the company asking about this. I have tried 2 similiar brands and nothing works as well as this amazing curl cream.

  2. I totally agree with you about not using heat essentials on your hair. I use velcro rollers in my hair, because I use the blow dryer on my hair every other day.

    Since it is going to last 6 months I think it is worth the price. Don’t you just love when you try new stuff and it ends up being a success?

    • I agree, even though the price is like $25 since it’s basically perfect and will last me that long…no problem there then. I love finding staples. I hate paying a lot and discovering it’s useless as over here we cannot return beauty products.

  3. jestli kdokoli premyslite jestli ty penize utratit, tak ja rikam ano. Videla jsem Martiny vlasy a vypadaly uzasne!!!

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