Shadow Insurance: a little miracle


What is the point owning eye shadows when you can’t really wear them? Yes, technically I can wear eye shadows. But practically it’s waste of my time and money. I have oily eye lids and eye shadows and oily eyelids are not the best of friends. Usually, I give them 2-3 hours tops to befriend each other, to no succes. And in summer? Forget about it, they start creasing within 20 minutes. The only time my eye shadow (e/s) stays put is in winter, very cold winter I may add.

I have previously tried other e/s bases but I was never impressed. The only one that worked reasonably well was from Artdeco. But the pot it comes in is super tiny, the potion very thick and dries up within a few months. And while it holds e/s pretty well it makes it impossible for an eye liner to be applied.

Now, I have heard of Too Faced’s Shadow Insurance before but since it’s silicone based I was skeptical. How can a slippery substance hold e/s on my slippery eye lids? Well, not only it can but it does so perfectly. And it’s going to cost me since now I can finally buy and wear any e/s I desire.

Shadow Insurance comes in 4 formulas, including the original that is I believe colorless. I got the Lemon Drop version that is slightly yellow tinted in order to neutralize redness. I cannot compare it to the original formula. I don’t really care much for the neutralizing  aspect. What I care mostly for is for how long it locks the color on my eyes. So far my record is 13 hours. Granted, after so many hours the color is not as bright and vivid as it was at its beginning but it’s still there in plenty and there is NO creasing whatsoever. None. Incredible. Well, for me it is.

This miracle comes in a 11g/0.35 Oz tube and you only need to squeeze out tiny little dot to cover one eye lid. I imagine this will last  me about 8 months with a daily use. There is no detectable fragrance.

This is how much you need to cover one eye lid.


Too Faced Shadow Insurance: $18, 490Czk in Sephora

Do you use/need e/s base and if so which one do you like?



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  1. I got it finally!! I’m pretty sure it is worth the money it cost but I didn’t need it urgently so I didn’t see any reason why not to wait for the usual 20% discount at Sephora.
    I haven’t tried it yet but I’m going to do much more eye make-up posts in the summer after my degree exams. I hope it won’t disappoint my expectancy 🙂

    But people, be aware of buying fakes – even 100% sellers on eBay sell fakes. You can find a very good report on this topic on Borůvka’s blog ( (Sorry mamifi for this link but I think it’s very good to know it. Fakes are almost perfect these days… 😦 ).


    • Verunka, no prob about the link, glad to read about this fakery 😉 I also hope your expectations won’t be let down, let us know how it works for you too once you try it!

  2. I love my TooFaced shadow insurance (original!) but I had no idea that there was a yellow-tinted one! That’s a great idea, usually I put concealer all over my eyelids to get rid of the redness, but a yellow tinted primer would maybe let me skip that? Very neat! 🙂

    • Does the shadow insurance work layered over concealer? The lemon tint does cover pretty nicely, it is almost like using matte e/s but it cannot be worn on its own, its a bit sticky 🙂

  3. I use eye primer by Mary Kay and I just recently discovered their foundation primer which I am head over heels for, it feels like silk when you apply it on.

    Thank you for introducing me to this product, the pretty tube is enough to want to give it a try.

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