Pai skincare: an update


When I wrote my original quick review on Pai I promised to come back in a few months and keep you updated. So here I am and I still believe that the three skincare items I purchased from Pai are the bee’s knees, cat’s pyjamas, dog’s tuxedo… dog’s… ehm, the best thing since sliced bread basically. My skin behaves according to weather, a bit of sun and I turn into an oily mess (nice, isn’t it?), cold weather and my skin acts like a mediavel parchment, it’s crazy. The Rosehip BioRegenerate Fruit & Seed Oil soothes my skin when sensitive, adds enough yet not too much moisture and nourishment when my skin gets oily and smells absolutely gorgeous. Those of you who read my posts may know I am very finicky when it comes to fragrance especially in natural products. I just don’t like the usual mixture of essential oils, way too strong and herby for me. But this oil smells exactly like tea made of freshly harvested rosehips. Divine. The Camelia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser is also super soothing, doesn’t strip my skin of any moisture and also smells fantastic. It removes all my foundation except Rimmel Match Perfection gel-cream foundation, for that I have to use either the wash cloth or do the cleansing process twice.I use a separate eye make-up remover though. Last but not least is the Chamomile & Rosehip Sensitive Moisturizer. It wasn’t my favourite product at first, the oil was love at first sight and the cleanser was a no-brainer. I liked the moisturizer, I just didn’t fully appreciate how amazing it really is. It is the gentlest thing I have ever put on my face. When my face gets super irritated I don’t use the oil as it can leave a few red spots (that vanish in a minute or so) but this potion is so gentle, soothing and nourishing without being oily. I use it underneath my foundation and as an eye cream, the dehydrated lines I tend to get are now non-existent, though I cannot vouch for any anti-wrinkle properties.I also have not experienced any problem with clogged pores, or shall I say, not more than usual.

And if you are intrigued by the line but still not sure if this is for you in terms of scent, texture, formula etc. I offer one of you a chance to “win” a sample of the cleanser and oil, just let me know in the comments if you’re interested and I will draw one of you out.


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  2. I wanted to try Pai skincare for few months, I almost bought avocado cream, but I wasn´t sure if my skin would like it after my latest allergic reaction to another organic brand, dr Hauschka aka skin disaster. I returned to German brand Primavera /one of my all time favourite skin care brands, I also love Weleda almond line, they don´t add essential oils in this line/, their new calming line and so far everything seems good. As name indicates, calming line, I use three steps cleanser, lotion and cream with really good results.

    My only “problem” are organic cleansers, I love idea behind them, their calming properties, however I haven´t found yet one that can remove all traces of makeup, I prefer squeaky clean face before applying creams so I double cleanse with oil and cleanser. And I´m always interested in trying some new product.

    • I agree that organic cleansers tend not to remove all traces of make-up. Depending on how much foundation you use the Pai cleanser will work but you may need to do it twice if the make-up is too heavy.

  3. I am interested in winning a sample of the cleanser.

    On another note, so you are using the moisturizer as an eye cream too, it is that good? If so, I am impressed!

  4. Oh god, I wish to try something when everyone speaks about this brand in superlatives 🙂 I usually don’t buy expensive cosmetic products for skin (firstly – my skin doesn’t need anything special, secondly – I rather spend money on make-up and nail pollishes etc., thirdly – I just don’t believe that it’s that much better and worth the money) but this brand looks kind of very special to me… So go on, a giveaway is welcome in this case! 🙂

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