The things only men can do…


I have always wondered how is it possible that while I take impressive amount of care for my feet, skin etc. my husband doesn’t and he looks just fine.

  • Only a man doesn’t struggle with cracking heels yet you  NEVER see him coming 2 metres close to a moisturizer.
  • Only a man has no wrinkles yet is not even bothered with sunscreen, “It’s sticky,  why would I put it on my face”.
  • Only a man uses shower gel as a shampoo since there is no difference, it’s just marketing and his skin is tough or perfect.
  • Only a man can steal your moisturizer claiming that the face wash YOU bought him makes his skin dry, unlike his dirt cheap shower gel.
  • Only a man can say something like this after you spent 45 mins in the bathroom “I prefer women without make-up, au naturel just like you, come here morning-puffy-face.”

… this post was inspired by another post about Murphy’s laws of beauty care (only in Czech though) and some of the responses there. Would you like to add what you think ONLY MEN CAN DO when it comes to beauty?


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  1. Omg, this is great and beyond true.

    Only a man can take five minutes to get dressed and look great when he runs out the door. My husband does this and I always say to myself not fair!

    • It is NOT fair at all!! One Czech movie director wrote: oh man, they are great, wrinkles make them interesting, grey hair adds charm and cellulite… and then they suddenly die.

  2. Funny post, mafi 🙂
    Unfortunately, even my husband says something like “oh, I don’t like women with make-up”… And what does he think I have in that large pink box near mirror?! Cookies?! It’s full of mascaras, eye liners, etc… But I’m not angry with him… I suppose he just didn’t notice… 😀

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