Thank you: a giveaway


I would like to say thank you to all that follow my blog (either via wordpress or facebook) and comment on my posts. I have two little presents for two lucky readers. What do you have to do to have a chance of winning it?

1. Only my current readers can join this giveaway (that means followers registered before the time I posted this) If you follow me via this site, email or fb I will know.  Plus those of you who follow both my blog and fb page will get double entry.

2. Let me know in the comment you are interested in the giveaway (otherwise you will not be included) and if you feel like it let me know what you like/dislike about this blog. I’m open to criticism but if anyone gets too silly I will delete his/her comment.

The giveaway is for anyone anywhere 🙂 and will close at midnight 17/18 of July. Good luck lovely readers!

PS: Also let me know if you have any preference in what you would like to receive, I will try to take it into account but cannot promise anything  (if both winners prefer the same item I will do a draw).

Hope it doesn’t sound too complicated.

First gift is a Color Club set of 4 bright mini polishes: Mighty brights

-Lazer Pink (pink)

– Amp’d Up (bright coral/red)

– Power Play (purple)

– Lime Light (green)


Second gift will be two mini hair oils: Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment 10ml and Osmo Berber Hair Oil Treatment with Argan Oil 10ml.



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  1. I’m interested Mighty Brights pls.

    I truly enjoy your post as they are always very informative and educational as I have
    issues with my sensitive dry skin. My only suggestion would be post more frequently, however your post are always very thought provoking which I know you take your time with and as a blogger I know at times it is challenging to post frequently.

  2. To be honest I’m only looking forward to you have a new camera that will catch all the brilliant colours of your nail polishes that you have and sure want to show them to us, am I right? Because I’m sure your nail polish collection is great! And nothing more needs any change… your posts are about things that are not so well-known (at least to me) and therefore quite interesting, I always get to know something new!
    And to the following you blog: we follow you through our mail and few moments ago Verunky started to follow you through their facebook, too 🙂 And I follow you personally on the facebook, too. So, rules completed? 🙂 And if somehow happens that I win, I’d prefer to have the polishes (not only because I already own the Macadamia Hair Oil so it’s be pitty someone else couldn’t try it).

    • Rules completed 100% 🙂 thanks for being a regular reader I really cherish that.
      Yeah, I know the camera… it limits my blogging in so many ways it’s not even funny. I’ll keep your preferences in mind.

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