Clinique: Take The Day Off Makeup Remover


A few years ago I used to write cosmetic reviews for a site of beauty junkies, a site that sadly does not exist anymore and where I was lucky enough to meet a bunch of truly amazing women. Some of the reviews I wrote I will share on my blog as well. If I still share the same view I am just going to add bits & pieces to it, if not I will show where my postion has changed over the time and how the product works or doesn’t work for me anymore. Hope you enjoy these.

I don’t wear waterproof mascara but I use gel liners that can be a challenge to remover. That is why I prefer to use bi-phase eye make-up removers in general. They just feel gentler and easier to use. Some of them can feel too oily and leave that infamous oily residue behind, make your vision cloudy or burn if they get into your eyes. This is an eye make-up remover I repurchased many, many times.

Does it take-off all eye make-up? Yep! I don’t wake up in the morning with racoon eyes anymore.

Does it burn if it gets into eyes? Nope! It’s probably not good for your eyes but it doesn’t cause any immediate discomfort.

Cloudy vision? Well, if you manage to use too much and get it into your eye then yes, as every oil (silicone) based eye make-up remover does. If used properly this never happens.

Is it easy to use? Yes, very much so. Shake it – get some on a cotton square and gently press against your eyelashes and hold for a few seconds then wipe with downward strokes and gently wipe-off over your eye lids. Done.

Is it safe to use and then immediately re-apply make-up? I would be careful there as it contains silicones and could make your mascara or eye shadows less long-lasting or smudge them.

I also heard an interesting information that ophthalmologists don’t like the idea of silicone/oil base eye make-up remover since it disrupts the natural eye environment and recommend not using them. Well, obviously I cannot comment on that one but what do you guys think?

The only complaint I have here  is the price. $18 is still a reasonable price you may think – and I agree. But over here it’s sold for an incredible $30!!! I guess I may have to move because of my favourite eye make-up remover 😉

Can be purchased at: or for £16 for $CA22 for $US16.50

and Clinique counters or Sephora and Douglas in the Czech Republic for ONLY $US30

(Sorry for a generic picture, I don’t currently own one myself.)


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    • For 18$ I would get it, for me it is the best eye make-up remover ever, I even like it more than the famous Lancome Bi-Facil. But for 650Czk no way. The closest replacement I found so far is one by L’Oreal.

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