Artdeco eye shadow base


Having oily eye lids wearing eye shadows can be a challenge as you probably read in my post& review of Too Faced’s Lemon Drop Shadow Insurance (TF-LMSI). I have tried and loved MAC Paints and LM Eye basics and this Artdeco was a huge favorite of mine for quite some time.

Texture: this eye shadow base has a medium thick creamy texture, medium beige color and is very easy to apply all ove the eye lids. It doesn’t dry as quickly as Paints or LM Eye basics and feels somewhat wetter that TF-LMSI. Therefore if you happen to use more than intended you still have a plenty of time to fix it.

Packaging: the base comes in a teeny tiny pot and some may not be comfortable with an everyday dipping of your fingers into it. I personally have no problems with it. Obviously you can use a brush but I would be careful not to get too much of this potion onto your eye lids.

Lasting power: this base makes my eye shadows  last for up  to 12 hours easily without any creasing or color compromising at all. It’s perfect – the eye shadow I have put on in the morning is there the same in the evening.

Drawback: there are some that may bother some make-up experts. First off , this base is, for some unknown reason, fragranced. Once applied on the lids you cannot detect any scent but I understand that some of you may find the idea of applying fragrance onto your eye lids unnecessary. The fragrance is citrusy/rosy and may not be pleasant to everyone.

The other drawback is blending. I am no blending expert yet some matte eye shadows can be a real pain to be blended over this base. I don’t recommend using this base for a truly smokey eyes look as there isn’t enough slip for the smudging.

Also, while the actual product could last you eve two years it will not make it as it has a tendency to dry out, keep the lid on tight!

Price: very very reasonable. Over here it’s sold for around $9 and should last a year easily. It’s a steal if you can find it anywhere near you.

For more information and a distributor: Artdeco website.


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  1. The drying out is imo the only but the biggest problem of this amazing base. Neither have I noticed any smell nor have I tried blending but what for is such a product good when it’s completely dry in a half year?? I have no chance to use it up!

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