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Essence Snow White nail polish in 03 Doc


Hey lovely readers, this is my first proper nail post though I still managed to end up with a fuzzy picture. But the shade is true to the actual polish, so I hope you forgive me this time.. This shade is from their latest collection called -yes, obviously- Snow White and as you can see it is a rather bright orange that is ever so slightly grey muted and only a step away from being a neon. I like the brush, using it is just easy peasy lemon squeazy. The polish goes on streaky in the first layer but the second one is much better and third makes for an opaque coverage. Stays put for 3-4 days which si not bad. Do you like it?

PS: I have decided to write my posts in my native language as well, that’s why you can’t understand the stuff below 😉

Tak drahé čtenářky, Mína mě tuhlevá popostrkovala, abych začala psát i česky, nevím jak mi to půjde a jestli náhodou na to nejsem moc líná, ale tak zkusit to můžu, že ano…Jakž takž se mi podařilo vyfotit lak od Essence a to z kolekce Snow White v odstínu 03 Doc. Ta barva je přesná, bohužel opět poněkud rozmazaná, ale když ten lak je taaaaaaaak krásný…tak mi to snad protentokráte odpustíte. Je to krásná výrazná oranžová, v lahvičce je více krotká a aby se nestala neonkou, tak ji brzdí malililinký nádech do šeda (alespoň v té lahvičce to tak působí). Lakuje se průměrně, žádná sláva, ale k pláči to taky nebude. První vrstva pruhuje, druhá to zachrání a třetí dokonaláí. Schne dobře a drží 3-4 dny. A ten štěteček je super, ani úzký ani moc široký. Jak se vám líbí?



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GREEDWhat is the most expensive and inexpensive product I own?

The most expensive is Estee Lauder eye shadow palette in Blue Dahlia. I think it was a LE in 2010. I am usually an all-for-neutral kind-of-girl and couldn’t imagine using the dark blue and teal eye shadow…and yet, it was so pretty I couldn’t resist. So, what the heck…And oddly enough I have been using it ever since at least once a week. It’s one of my all time favorite products and all in all well worth the money. I like to use the dark blue or teal as an eye liner. The white eye shadow is actually just a transparent veil of the finest teal and blue shimmer. So pretty! And the black eye shadow is my favorite shadow for smokey look or for softening up a harsh liquid eye liner. The eye shadows are very well pigmented and smooth but not as buttery as some other brands, I actually happen to like this or even prefer this texture.

The most inexpensive thing is by Essence, from the Rebels collection and it’s a lip&cheek pot in 01 peach punk. I would say it’s more a coral than peach but it’s pretty enough for summer. You need to work it a bit to pull off a smooth & even coverage as it is a slightly streaky… but for 20Czk ($1) I can cope with it.


WRATH: Love&hate relationship products?

Well, that would have to be luminizers and brighteners. I love the idea, I love the look of them and I rarely like them on my face. I guess having larger pores and oilier skin 4 months in a year just doesn’t go well with shimmer, even the finest one. Nowadays I can use some in winter and very, very sparingly so. This one is MAC’s Mineralize Skinfinish in Shimpagne. I still haven’t found a way how to use it without having pores the size of a cricket ball …but it is too pretty to say goodbye to it, right?


GLUTTONY: What is my most delicious item?

This may sound weird to some but I really don’t like when product have a strong taste or smell. No fragrance and no artificial flavor is preferable to me. I think the problem is that most flavors are just way too artificial for me, why would anyone want to eat plastic strawberries?



SLOTH: What products am I too lazy to use? 

Lipstick. I love the look of perfectly painted lips. But that is the problem. I only like it when it’s perfectly done and that takes some time (base, contouring, powder etc.) and I just cannot be bothered most of the time. Lip balm or lip gloss is so much easier.





PRIDE: What beauty item gives me the biggest self-confidence boost?

For me I feel the most confident when my skin looks the best so when it comes to make-up this translates into foundation, concealer and powder. Anything that creates the most flawless skin possible. I guess it comes from those days when acne was my constant companion and even now my skin  is far from perfect. And at this moment these products are working for me –  though I am, as ever, on a hunt for even better ones (who isn’t?).

(From left: Rimmel Match Perfection Found. and concealer, Garnier BB cream for combo/oily skin, MAC Select Moisturecover NC20, MAC Matchmaster found. 1,5, Rimmel Stay Matte powder)


LUST: What do I lust after?

Well, how much time do you have?  Ok, I will try to be reasonable (a bit of an oxymoron when it comes to lust). I would like to get my hands on some Dior eye shadow palette, NARS bronzer in Laguna, Benefit blush Corallista or a perfume that will blow my socks off (don’t know which one it is yet). But in general, you put it in a cute box, it looks pretty and smell good…I need it!

Apparently the other version of this one is what attracts you to the opposite sex? (I assume you don’t want to hear about natural procreational instinct or Freud’s libido) It has to be that magic mixture of self-confidence, humour, intelligence, generosity, kindness and a laid-back attitude… and obviously some physical attraction. I am very modest, I know.

ENVY: What items would I like to receive as a gift?

Not sure how the question goes with the subject but… I don’t know actually. Besides make-up and beauty related items, house in New Zealand, a new car and a few plane tickets to travel a bit… I would like a new iPhone and an iPad. No, rather a new iPhone. If I get an iPad I will never get a chance to play with it in this household 😉

A random mix


Yesterday I went to Sephora, really didn’t want to buy anything as I was after the brow bar only and yet here I am with a new Sephora brush (for mineral powder 45) and Too Faced’s Shadow Insurance. The brush is heavenly soft, so far I obviously used it only once with my MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Natural and it gives the powder a better coverage, also it feels so soft (at least in comparison to my old brush). The Shadow insurance has not been tested yet, I got the Lemon drop formula  as they didn’t have the original version, will keep you posted. I asked for Nars Pure Radiant Tinted moisturizer spf 30 sample and got enough for two weeks, will keep you posted too. A bit off topic: I was impressed with the Sephora SA yesterday, she was friendly, really happy to help me and showed no sign of snottiness 😀

A few weeks ago I got Essence gel liner in 01 Midnight in Paris or if you want in black 😉 I had MAC gel liners and my fave are BB’s gel liners. The Essence is not as hard wearing as BB after and 8 hours or so it starts vanishing but for the price I don’t mind that much. The price is almost 10x less. The gel liner is smooth to use, very pigmented and if you don’t have eyelids as oily  as I do it should last you all day.

Oh, let’s not forget 🙂 if you read my fb page you know that I am planning a giveaway once I reach another thousand views as a thank you to those who find time to read my blog. That’s all folks.