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Sorry for being absent for some time, I got slightly depressed with my 4 (!!!) cameras as none of them is still capable of taking pictures the way I want it to and I have soooo many new nail polishes and can’t share the prettiness with you 😦

So, in the meantime here I go with a general kind of post about the new things I got recently and my first impressions.

First off, I got Vichy Normaderm Triactiv moisturizer and Deep cleansing wash gel. I love the gel. It cleanses my face prone to occasional blemishes and oiliness during summer without making it dry and taut. It’s my second bottle.

I don’t like the moisturizer. While it’s low in alcohol, it feels thick, difficult to spread and my face face doesn’t feel moisturized in the least and gets very tight. I’ll finish it off but won’t repurchase.

The third skincare item is Olay Complete care day UVA/UVB 15 for normal/oily skin. Also not impressed, it’s not bad per say it’s just not great. Feels bit plastic-y once applied on, only for a few seconds though. Will look for a better daytime moisturizer. Again 🙂





Here are some body care items, nothing too fancy, just the usual stuff. Lady speed stick is actually something that really surprised me. All my life I had some irritation under my arms. Red rash or burning feeling after antiperspirant irritation. So logically I gravitated towards “sensitive” formulas without alcohol, colorants and fragrance, creamy in texture… The rash never left. And then my friend suggested gel based antiperspirants. I thought she must be mad, surely, it’s loaded with alcohol and perfume… and it works. Bizarre but true. No more rash for me and as an antiperspirant this ugly purple bottle works 100%. I’m on my fourth bottle.

Second item is DM’s Balea Magic summer, which is a gradual self tanner. One of those you apply every day and after some time you hopefully look more tanned than orange. And while I am quite light I went for normal to dark skin tone. It works really well, smells fruity and then there is that typical self-tanning ..ehm… smell. The color was very even, non-orange-y and started developing within two hours.

Hawaiian Tropic Protective sun lotion spf 30 was one of the buys when you know what works for you but you don’t want to spend the money. So you get something cheaper. And as usual it’s just not worth it. It works well, it’s rather light and non-sticky…and smells like rancid coconut. Next please!

Last item is SebaMed’s Anti-aging firming Q10 body lotion. I love it. Not that it firms any of my wobbly bits, I’m not that naive, but it feels rich yet sinks into the skin very quickly, the smell is very light and my skin feels super smooth.

In the next post I will show you some new make-up and nail polish such as Giorgio Armani lipstick and Color Club neons.