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Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo & Conditioner


If you read my blog you know that my hair is long (past shoulders), wavy, fine yet I have ton of it, rather dry and frizzy. I dye my hair every two three months which makes them smoother for a while but tends to fry my ends. My hair needs a lot of moisture and while I enjoy the benefits of silicones I prefer them not to be the main ingredient. Aussie Miracle Moist line is exactly that. Now, my beloved shampoo & conditioner is still Joico Moisture Recovery but this is very close to it and and for a fraction of the price.

They say: For hair that is dry, damaged or a bit unhappy. Miracle Moist line contains australian macadamia nut oil (among many other).

I say: the shampoo and conditioner smells very soothing, sort of nutty with a hint of creme brulee. The shampoo is quite thick but since there are no silicones it’s not as thick as most drugstore shampoos. It lathers well and my hair feels clean but not squeaky clean (I don’t like that). The best thing about this shampoo is that it does not irritate my super sensitive scalp. There is no nasty itchiness and flaky skin (no, not dandruff) after washing your hair with this one.

The conditioner is fabulous, it moisturizes my hair without any sticky or oily feeling many hours after washing. I was a bit surprised at the texture, it’s almost gel-like and of light brown color…maybe not the most appealing look but since it works… The silicones are very low here, I think they come tenth on the ingredients list. My hair is left smooth and soft and only my ends could use a bit more nutrition.

So while Joico gets five out five stars, Aussie would get 4,8 star and for its price I may stick to it for a while.

In the UK, US, Australia and NZ you (lucky) can get it in most drugstores.

What is your fave shampooo and conditioner at the moment?


Hezky česky:

Kdo čtete můj blog, tak víte, že mám dlouhé vlasy (pod ramena), které jsou suché, jemné (ale je jich hodně), vlnité a krepaté. Jednou za dva tři měsíce si je barvím doma, ze začátku je barvení uhladí, ale konečky jsou někdy poněkud “usmažené”. Takže potřebuji hodně hydratační šampón a kondicionér. Nevadí mi silikony ve vlasové péči, ale mám raději, když jich tam není moc, tedy když na seznamu ingrediencí nejsou hned na prvních místech. Moje nejoblíbenější péče je  řada Joico Moisture Recovery, ale Aussie je hned vedle a vzhledem k cenovému srovnání…

Aussie tuto řadu doporučuje pro suché, poškozené a prostě poněkud nespokojené vlasy. Šampón i kondicionér obsahují olej z australského makadamiového ořechu.

Oba přípravky moc příjemně, i když trochu netradičně, voní. Je to taková uklidňující vůně, nějaký ořech tam cítit je a pak něco trochu karamelového, ale není to klasická sladká vůně jak z dortu, ve vlasech dlouho nevydrží. Šampon je docela hustý, ale ne jak klasické silikonové šampóny z drogerie, silikony neobsahuje žádné. Dobře pění, ale co je na něm nejlepší je to, že nedráždí mou citlivou pokožku hlavy a nemusím se pak celé hodiny škrabat a drásat.  Vlasy jsou po něm čisté, ale nedrhnou (to nemám jako majitelka suchých vlasů ráda). 

Kondicionér je báječný, ale má trochu nezvyklou konzistenci: je spíše gelový a světle hnědý, což nemusí na první pohled…ehm…zaujmout. Ale vlasy jsou po něm hydratované, uhlazené, nezatižené, snad jen konečky by užily trochu více výživy. Obsahuje silikony, ale ty začínají až na desátém místě. Rozhodně po něm nebudete mít (jak poznamenala trefně má kamarádka) plastové vlasy jako některých drogerkových přípravcích.

Joico by ode mne dostalo pět hvězdiček z pěti, Aussie 4,8 hvězdičky a jak jsem říkala, vzhledem k ceně… a tady je drobný zádrhel. U nás se v běžné distribuci nedá koupit. Takže buď přemluvit někoho z UK nebo mrkněte na tento eshop, kde teď sice Miracle Moist není, ale jsou tam jiné věci od Aussie.

Jaký je teď Váš nej šampón a kondicionér?


label.m curl cream


If I can avoid it I prefer not to use all the hot tools on my hair, it’s too much work, I hate getting hot and my naturally wavy/dry hair gets even more dry. I love warmer weather when I can let my hair air dry naturally. But I need styling help. I need some potions that combats the frizziness, dryness of my ends and gives my hair some shape & form. Last year I used and loved some curl foam from Wella Professional but of course they had to re-design the packaging and the product as well. And the new one is beyond useless. I have a very good (and a very handsome) hairdresser who carries label.m products. I never tried anything from this line mostly because of the price. I believe label.m is just another line from Tony & Guy but this one is natural based and hence the prices. The curl cream goes for £13 or 500Czk. I don’t like the price. Is it worth it then? Well, since it is the best thing since sliced bread…I think so 🙂

After I wash & condition my hair, I pump out about 3cm of the product out and gently work it into my hair, not spreading but working into while slightly crunching my hair as well. Then let it air dry and it creates the softest curls I ever had. No stickiness, no crunchiness and mainly no frizzies till I wash my hair again. My hair is full of soft bouncy curls or waves, with a lot of shine. It’s definitely conditioning yet I don’t think it makes my hair oilier or heavier.

The ONLY thing I would change is the scent. It’s an ok scent, slightly herby, luckily once you apply it onto your hair it dissipates. So it’s nothing major, just a personal preference.

And while the price is kinda up there, I suspect this 150ml bottle is going to last me 6 months of regular use, if not more.

A few bits & pieces


This is no major haul rather “replacing essentials and getting a few perk-me-ups” kind of thing. Obviously I also belong into that category of women who buy themselves something small (or big) when they need a little pick me up, when in need of consolation, as a reward or a treat, also shopping can be a good way how not to kill your partner … actually, it’s rather hard to think of a situation when shopping is not an appropriate answer to any situation life throws at us (well, being completely broke or heading that way would probably qualify – which is not that difficult with above mentioned life philosophy). So I am really trying to not to spend much…which I manage…per shopping…but in the end I am worried I could have gotten one thing from my dream shopping list instead of the myriads of little bits I get in the meantime. One day I will get the hang of it…one can only hope ;).

Vichy Normaderm Deeply purifying gel

This was actually given to me from a friend. I never liked these anti-blemish gels as they always dried my skin and it felt like 3 sizes smaller afterwards. This one really surprised me, no itching, no drying and my problematic spots actually do look better. Smells nice too.

Garnier PureActiv 24 moisturizing gel

I don’t know how this is called on UK/US market, hope the picture helps. I needed something for my congested area along my jaw line and cheeks and while it is your typical alcohol based gel it doesn’t irritate my skin in the least. If it really works I will know after a few weeks.

Manufaktura: Grapefruit & Verbena shower gel and shampoo + hand cream

I got this today so I cannot say anything more than: this smells gorgeous! I was looking for some kind of “wake-me-up-in-the-morning” shower gel and this super fresh yet slightly sweet scent is perfect. And I really like the design. The scent of the hand cream reminds of Crabtree & Evelyn Citron hand cream. The Manufaktura scent is bit sharper and not as mellow as C&E but if you cannot splurge on C&E definitely try this one. It’s also slightly less nourishing but the difference is so small it doesn’t warrant the price difference in my opinion.

Dove Silk & Sleek shampoo & “onlygodknowswhat”

I needed a shampoo after my disaster with Matrix Total Results Moisture shampoo. Probably THE worst shampoo I ever had. I will rant about that one later. But I didn’t want to spend the money on Joico even though I knew I should. I got these in a drugstore as some people with dry frizzy hair seemed to like it. I tried it only once  and so far I do like it. I’m surprised. Though my problem is that at the beginning I like everything… well, apart from that Matrix. I’ll keep you posted.

Also you may wonder what   “onlygodknowswhat” actually is. Well, the clever heads at Unilever got a splendid idea of putting together a conditioner and a mask. Why, is beyond me. It’s not like a conditioner and a mask are all that different in the first place. Or am I missing something here? I used it as a conditioner and my hair felt very soft and smooth. The scent of both of these products is that very typical Dove scent: floral clean. I happen to like it a lot though for the perfume savvy gals  this may feel too ordinary.

Dove Purely pampering shower cream Almonds and hibiscus

Another “motivation” to get me out of bed in the morning since it smells nice. I like Dove shower creams in general. I wish they made a body lotion or cream in the Purely pampering scents as well.

Gabriella Salvete Enamel in 156 and 157

You can read about no.156 here and see pictures of 157 here. I haven’t tried no.157 hoping it will have all the great qualities of 156 as well.

O.P.I  Gouda gouda two shoes & Red lights ahead…where?

I’m in love with the Holland collection and I’m already plotting to buy at least three more colors from it. Gouda gouda two shoes is a color I would not usually go for. But…after seeing some pictures (like this one) and realizing there is the tiniest bronze-y  pink shimmer in it I caved in. And I’m so glad I did. This is my new go-to-color when I want something subtle, elegant but not boring.

On the other hand, Red lights ahead…where? falls exactly and perfectly into my favourite nail polish color category. I love cremes and brights and this is both, bright coral red creme. It’s perfect for me.

I have to admit I had some issues with the application. I haven’t had OPI for a while and got used to a different kind of brush and texture. I may slightly prefer Essie brush and on some of my finger nails I struggle with the wide OPI brush. The texture is also runnier that I am used to lately. It’s not that it’s bad but after being used to Essie where I need  like two three strokes and voila! it’ds done..I find I really have to concentrate in order not to paint my cuticles again.

I will try to upload some good pictures tomorrow as you have to see these two beauties on, the bottle and even the cute names do not give them justice.

Douglas Absolute Nails 145

This color was supposed to be my dupe for OPI Siberian nights but it’s not a deep blueberry as the OPI is but rather a deep purple/black with the tiniest purple shimmer, I haven’t tried it yet.

New additions: bath, body & hair


I’m not going to call it a haul since I have accumulated all these things within 6-7 weeks. It’s also not going to be a thorough review on each and every single item, just a quick scoop. And if you want to hear more about a particular product let me know in the comments and I can either reply to you there or if more of you will be interested about a particular item I’ll do a proper review.

I’m also sorry for the poor quality of pictures, my camera said goodbye yesterday and my iPhone is very old and sad. I already have an eye on a new camera so hopefully the quality is going to improve soon.

Kamill Hand & Nailcream Intensive

I needed a small size tube for my handbag and picked this one on a whim. It’s very moisturizing and while the scent is quite nice it’s way too strong for me. Won’t repurchase.

Amia Hand Balm

That tiny little jar is packed with super thick potion for dry and cracked hands. That is my hands, I’m afraid. The scent is ok and quite subtle (yay!). I don’t use it for the whole of my hands, only on my cuticles and it does a decent job. It’s very inexpensive (49 kc / $2) and it’s something I may get again.

Matrix Moisture Cure 2 Phase Treatment

The only reason I got this along with the shampoo was that it was discounted. I needed a shampoo and this came almost free. You shake the bottle and spray a few times onto your towel-dried hair. I was pleasantly surprised. The scent is very fresh and pleasant and it actually does make my hair soft and shiny. I din’t notice and weigh-down or build-up. I almost feel like I don’t need oils for my dry hair anymore.

Matrix Total Results Moisture Shampoo

While the spray was a pleasant and (almost) free surprise, the shampoo is … just blah. Smells good but can be too strong for some people. My favourite shampoo of all time is Joico Moisture recovery. I tell you why: you need the tiniest amount to wash your hair, smells great without being overpowering but mainly, makes my dry hair supple, shiny, touchable. Matrix Moisture shampoo on the other hand: you need much more product to do the job (even drugstore’s Elseve doesn’t require as much) and you need to do it twice. Makes your hair clean without stripping them, no squeaky clean feeling but I also didn’t feel like it did anything in the moisturizing departement. My last objection: it’s the second time I have a Matrix/Biolage shampoo and I always end up with quite some dandruff. And I am starting to think it’s not a coincidence.

AA Cosmetics Nature Spa Sensitive – Nourishing hand cream, Blueberry

This cream is for sensitive hands prone to allergy as it contains no allergens, parabens, color additives, mineral oil, alcohol, silicones, preservatives, etheric oils, propylene glycol and PEG. The list of non-existing ingredients is almost longer than the list of existing ones. Feels very soothing, once applied hands feel super nourished. Unfortunately on my super dry hands the effect doesn’t last too long. The scent is very fruity – blueberry, but not strong. Reminds me of a subtler version of The Body Shop body butter’s scents.

Garnier Body Intensive 7 Days Body Milk with Mango Oil for dry and rough skin

This is my favorite body moisturizer at this moment. I LOVE the scent, yes very fruity, definitely mango there. Feels light to the point I was skeptical how such a runny milk can do anything for my dry skin esp. for my dry shins. And yet, my skin is perfectly moisturized without any oiliness and stickiness. I’m on my third bottle.

Garnier Body Intensive 7 Days Hand Cream with Mango Oil for dry and rough skin

If I LOVE the body milk I logically have to love the hand cream as well…right? Well, not necessarily. While it’s of fluffy buttery  texture it also soaks in immediately, smells as great as the body milk, but leaves slightly sticky residue that dissipates  within 5 minutes on the skin but the residue stays on polished nails and feels very odd. I’ll use it up as it smells great but will not repurchase.

Dove Purely Pampering Nourishing Shower Gel – Coconut Milk with Jasmine Petals

I really like Dove shower creams and I almost never go for anything with coconut. Most coconut scents are too artificial and cloying to me. This one is on the edge, a bit more and I would have to write it off as well, but maybe adding the jasmine into the scent makes it very comforting scent. The texture and performance is the same as their Indulgence shower cream. A nice everyday shower gel.

Crabtree & Evelyn Goatmilk Comforting Body Wash

This was a gift from a dear friend, she couldn’t handle the scent. I’m not surprised. It’s definitely not what I imagine when you say “comforting”. This scent is very strong, in your face with a very good (or bad?) staying power. The scent reminds me of  old fashioned parfumery shops. It’s not unpleasant but it’s not for everyone. The best thing about this wash is how tiny amount you need to create super thick soothing foam. The original price for this wash is rather high for me but considering how very long this will last you it’s actually not that bad. It’s slightly moisturizing, no tightness afterwards.

Crabtree & Evelyn Goatmilk Comforting Body Lotion

This is more like gel-lotion that absorbs instantaneously, leaves no residue, the same scent that will last all day on your skin and clothes. I was worried my dry skin could feel tight and it just wouldn’t be enough. I was quite wrong. The moisturizing effect lasts easily to the next shower. While I love what both products do next time I may have a look at the Aloe Vera range for fresher scent.

Do you have any experience with any of these products or do you have any suggestion for my super dry hands? I would love to hear from you in the comments 🙂

Smooth, curly, wavy, frizzy, fine, colored…my hair & products


When I was a teenager my hair slightly resembled an afro with curls framing my face and waves at the back. And it was all rather frizzy and dry. As you can imagine, I wasn’t too fond of my hair. Forward ten or so years, after bad dye jobs (instead of chocolate I ended up with raven black) and numerous hairstyles I finally settled on some style I am happy with. It’s not perfect, it’s a combination of being realistic about my hair, it’s merits and limitations, the budget and my laziness when it comes to styling. I am just not willing to wash it and straighten it every day. Plus, my hair being on the dry side, I just can’t afford to use the hot tools too much.

So I’m going to show you a few products that work for me … and some that don’t.

Redken – Smooth Down Heat Glide: protective smoother for very dry/unruly hair with macadamia oil

My hair is not that dry but can get frizzy and just having mind of its own to my annoyance. I was recommended this product and while I like it, I don’t love it. It’s a silicone based oil/serum that is designed for wet hair application followed with blow-dry. It’s supposed to make your hair manageable and smoothed. There is a few good things about this product: it does smooth your  hair and make them less all-over-the-place and while it’s rather pricy, the bottle is 150ml and will last you forever. What it doesn’t do is taking a bit of the volume down and it feels like it doesn’t get absorbed by the hair and just kinda sits there a bit. Which is good as far as a protection from heat goes I suppose but it will not give you that super soft hair without ironing. The smell is very pleasant, not too strong, feels light and fruity. I like to use it just on my hair ends for smoothening and protection when blow-drying my hair. Also, it doesn’t defy humidity too well.  It’s a good product for what I use it for now but I will not repurchase.

BEAD HEAD Tigi After Party – Smoothing cream fro silky, shiny, healthy looking hair

This one is to be used on dry hair as a final smoothing/styling item and for that it works perfect. Smells great (but rather strong) in that typical BH fashion, very fruity. It’s silicone based as well, doesn’t feel sticky. It’s quite rich and unless you have lots of hair combating frizziness I wouldn’t recommend it apart from using it for a special  occasion.  The 100ml bottle will also last you a while.

BEAD HEAD Tigi Smoothing Stuff

This cute little 50ml pink ball contains pinky pearly gel-cream that is loaded with fine shimmer. It should seal and smooth your split ends and give your hair extra shine. It does both but… it’s rather sticky and I feel like the gloss is looking artificial. It’s not a bad product, I will use it up but will not repurchase.

WellaProfessionals Boost Bounds – Curl Enhancing Mousse

While I am not fond of Wella hair care, I like a few of their styling products and this is one of them. Approximately a year ago Wella re-designed their entire styling range and I thought while the packaging looks better now, the actual product inside is the same. I loved their previous mousse for curl enhancing. It made my waves/curls defined and soft and that effect lasted 2 days for sure. It was perfect for days when I didn’t want to style my hair straight, especially in summer when I just wanted to wash my hair, condition, apply the mousse and let it dry naturally to beautiful soft curls. It was heaven for curls & waves. The new version, not so heavenly anymore. It’s still pretty good but my curls are slightly crispy to the touch and I cannot go my usual 2-3 days without washing as it makes my hair feeling dirty on the second day. What a shame.

Frederic Fekkai Glossing – Sheer Shine Mist

It gives beautiful gloss to your hair. Wow! It also smells absolutely terrible. Rotten plastic fish anyone? How could this pass the quality control and the nose of Mr.Fekkai is beyond me. Glossy locks are important but there are so many good glossing products on the market that do smell lovely, it’s anyone’s guess why would to pay so much money for … well, rotten marine fauna 😉

L’Oreal Professionnel Nature Serie – Masque aux huiles for rebellious hair

This mask is a part of L’Oreal’s line targeted for customers preferring natural ingredient based hair care without silicones and  parabens.  According to the ingredients list at the back there is olive and rice bran oil, also glycerin and some fatty acids. This mask truly makes my hair beautifully soft yet manageable, smooth, shiny. I don’t feel like it leaves a residue and I don’t need to wash my hair the next day. My only BUT – and you knew there had to be one, right? – is, yet again, the scent. Why does a natural mask have to smell like a spice rack? What is wrong with lemon or  lavender essential oil? Or orange and mandarin? Or even vanilla? Why does it have to stink…er, sorry…smell like cinnamon and garam masala??? Ok, if you’re truly natural and hippie person that is used to earthy scents you may like it, but I don’t. I will use it up as it is a great hair mask and peg my nose in the process 🙂

Alverde Sensitiv Shampoo – with birch and sage extract

I’m sure my scalp would enjoy watching Itchy & Scratchy in the past as it was the only thing it could sometimes do. It can be horrible and I even scratched my scalp while sleeping. I have tried every pharmacy shampoo for sensitive and irritated scalp  from Vichy, LaRoche, Bioderma etc to no avail. And then I thought I could give this drugstore shampoo a go since it’s so inexpensive ($2-3)and if it doesn’t work, so be it, no big loos (unlike with the previous brands). And surprisingly, it worked and still works. It’s silicone free, has a slightly jelly like texture and smells very herby (not unpleasant)…and it soothes my scalp like nothing I have ever tried. After second washing my scalp is itch free for weeks even months. I still can’t believe such an inexpensive drugstore product is so amazing. You can buy it Drogeriemarkt (DM) only as it’s their own natural line for hair,face, body and make-up.

BEAD HEAD Superstar – Conditioner for big massive hair

I got this from a dear friend and I cannot understand how this would give anyone volume. It doesn’t weight hair down but volume? I love it so I cannot imagine my friends aspiring for massive hair would find it helpful. It contains silicones and quite a few of them. Feels very creamy, smells great (strawberries & peach) and makes my hair nourished without overloading them. If I blow-dry my hair straight I can go 3 days easily without washing and without that sticky/oily/dirty feeling. My locks get glossy, smooth and soft. Is BH sure this one is for volume??

This are pictures of my hair washed with Alverde Sensitive Shampoo, conditioned with Bead Head Superstar, Redken Smooth down oil on the ends and Wella mousse applied all over my hair,dried naturally. Pictures are not perfect, I’m blaming my camera (iPhone) and hubby 😉

That’s all for now, next time I will post about my fave shampoo and conditioner. If you have any tips for products or styling my kind of hair or just want to ask anything about a particular product, feel free to do so in the comments. Happy Sunday!