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Fish pedicure


First of all I have to thank my dear friend Terezka for this rather unusual experience. It was fun and thanks again for the treat!!! :-*

There are two kinds of fish that were given the name doctor fish (or nibble fish), they  originally come from Turkey where in their natural spas they “eat” human skin affected with psoriasis and avoid the healthy skin tissue. Apparently they don’t exactly eat it (or not all of it) and only behave this way when food supply is sparse or unpredictable. Also, I believe that in the US and UK fish spa is prohibited for safety reasons (apart from many, the main reason being that blood-borne infection can be spread via the tank water).

When we got there, we washed our feet, toweled them dry, put on disposable slippers and went to the tank where 30-50 fish swam around. You climb up and while sitting immerse your feet into the fish tank..and now then fun begins. The actual experience is very…well, tickly does not even begin to describe it. I think the name nibble fish is way more accurate since that is exactly what they do, they nibble on your feet. And that nibbling feels like low vibration and it tickles like hell. You get used to it – unless some clever fish decides to nibble up your leg. But at the beginning I couldn’t help to giggle like a silly teenager. Definitely not an experience to take on with ehm…full bladder 😉 This procedure takes 30mins and by the end of it you just feel very mild vibrating-like sensation.

And now to the results: I had a pedicure prior to fish pedicure but my feet are always quite dry so I thought I could still benefit from all the nibbling. When I got home my feet were very dry as there was no massage or moisturizing afterwards. I know that my feet don’t like long soaking baths and the skin tends to crack after that. And that is exactly what happened. Nothing major but ended up with one painful crack. Without going into much detail, my cuticles benefit from this fishy treatment (pun intended) but overall I find this pedicure useful either for normal/slightly dry feet as a fun experience or for people who suffer with psoriasis.

I am not going to do this again but I’m really happy I could try it, it was (unusual) fun.

PS: I was quite glad that our fish tank had only  40 fish or so, I don’t think I would have coped with this 😀

Have you tried it or would you?


Pedicure not only for summer


This post may turn into a hit (at least for those suffering with the same condition) or a total flop for being totally weird. Let me start by saying that ever since I entered my teenage years I not only developed acne but also rhino skin on my feet. There is, unfortunately, no better or gentler way to describe it. My heels were not only super dry but also cracking all-over. Not only it looked bad it was also pretty painful. I was also quite ashamed for having such ugly feet and could never wear sandals. Of course I tried to look after my feet. Once a week pedi-bath, soaked my feet and using some pretty sharp instruments scraped off the dead skin, slathered  a ton of moisturizer all over them and stuck them into socks. The next morning my feet looked almost normal…and a week later I couldn’t walk as the pain from cracked heels was  killing me. As I got older I discovered that for my kind of skin it is much better to do dry kind of pedicure. No soaking, no sharp instruments. I discovered so-called medicinal pedicure where the beautician uses diamond file like this one. But this pedicure can be rather expensive and once-a-month visit did not help as much as I needed. The next step was using simple foot file (with sandpaper) but using it dry, again no soaking. That I would do every week, in summer as often as needed (which could be every other day). And then my husband suggested using Dremel. Now some of you may think this post is getting weird. Surely, you cannot mean that hand rotary file…the one from hardware store?! Well, I’m afraid that is exactly the one. I can assure you that the look my husband got after making this suggestion wasn’t one of his favourite ones from me. But being desperate, I tried it. And as pathetic as it sounds, this inexpensive tool changed my life. Or my feet at least.

Unfortunately I don’t have a before picture (the one down there – for a brave person only – is taken off the web) I never thought of posting such a thing online and ever since I had Dremel I have (most of the time) baby smooth feet. They look so much better and there is no pain. I cannot be happier.

You can choose the roughness of the round file depending on your heel condition. You need to get a hang of this though. I know from my personal experience when going for a salon medicinal pedicure  that you can over-file your skin which really hurts. I also do my nails with this and the same applies. Once a pedicurist over-filed the top layer of my nails and I couldn’t touch them for weeks. First, I started with quick dabbing-like motions and figuring out how long I can stay on one spot. That also depends on the thickness and dryness of affected area. Obviously, the more callused skin the more you can work there and where your skin is healthy you can either skip completely or just dab lightly. My experience is that one can get rather excited with the..ehm…removing part and I think esp. at the beginning the less is better. After you clean the unwanted skin away, you just use some foot scrub to finish off, moisturizer and you are done. After a few weeks of doing so, you will get to the end of the cracked bits and you will actually end up with baby smooth feet. Trust me.

If you don’t suffer with terribly callused or dry cracking heels, you may not appreciate the pictures 😉 but I know that when years ago I was searching for ANY cure for my “granny” feet I would appreciate them.

When it comes to feet moisturizers, balms, oils and what-nots I have tried many and I don’t see any difference in treating the cause and relieving the symptoms some are better and some worse but without removing the callused skin they will not help. Now I use anything that comes handy. BUT I do moisturize my feet at least twice a day, in summer when I wear sandals I do it more often.

Hope this post helps those who suffer from this unsightly and painful condition.